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Sarasota RX Weight Loss Clinic – Schedule

Sarasota RX Weight Loss – Thursday Update

RX Weight Loss Sarasota is now seeing existing patients on Thursdays from 9am – 5pm.

Please call 941-957-0200 to Schedule an appointment.

RX Weight Loss is here to help you improve your health and well-being. Our medical exam, lab and fitness testing will help us guide you to radiant health.

Rx […]

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How to Lose Belly Fat

Lose Belly Fat

RX Weight Loss receives lots of request but the one most asked is, “How do I lose belly fat?” Once you learn our 7 principle pro-healthcare model you will quickly start to lose belly fat but you will gain a healthier life and well-being also.

Classical medicine is not succeeding with caring for […]

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Sarasota Weight Loss

Sarasota Weight Loss – Exciting Data about Fat Storage!

Sugar is used by your body for fuel before protein or fat is used as fuel.  Your body can only use so much fuel therefore excess sugar will be stored as fat.

You have to burn every gram of available sugar before your body will start to […]

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Earthing Sarasota – Talk

Earthing Talk Sarasota – Leading cardiologist and author presents his case why Earthing or also known as Grounding is the most important health discovery ever!

Sarasota, Fl // April 21, 2017// Cardiologist and Author Stephen T. Sinatra is coming to speak on his book “Earthing” at a special event on Siesta Beach May 13, […]

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“Probiotic producing fermented food, forgotten healthy traditional practice.”

Quote from Dr Rx


Paleo Secret article “FERMENTED FOODS: One of the Best Things You Can Do For Your Health”.

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Tougher Food Rules In School

“Tougher food rules in schools is a major step in the right direction. Why in the world policy makers ever let junk food into the schools in the first place is the real challenge.”
Quote from Dr Rx
Wall Street Journal article “Rules to Limit Marketing Unhealthy Food in Schools”.

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Phantom Music May Help Show How Brains Work

“Based upon new research the brain may be able to create reality. Reality in the form of perceived music. This insight may prove helpful in understanding the brains power relative to helping you with weight loss by imagery. Change your thoughts/brain. Change your health/weight. This concept may weight more heavily in the future as […]

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Weight-Loss Firm’s Shares Plummet On Forecast

“Weight Watchers shares plummet due to poor meeting attendance and revenue decline. One of the strategies is to re focus their programs with more personalized programs. Rx weight loss has always focused on individual personalized programs for its clients.
Rx weight loss offers individualized programs that are M.D. Supervised. Our doctors is your own personalized […]

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As World’s Kids Get Fatter, Doctors Turn to the Knife

“The USA is not alone when it comes to making poor lifestyle choices. Parents set an example for children, so if the parent would opt for surgery to control their weight problem why not have the procedure performed on their child.
This article is just one example of how absurd surgery decisions can be made […]

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