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RX Weight Loss receives lots of request but the one most asked is, “How do I lose belly fat?” Once you learn our 7 principle pro-healthcare model you will quickly start to lose belly fat but you will gain a healthier life and well-being also.

Classical medicine is not succeeding with caring for non-traumatic health conditions modern mankind is facing today; its culture has become obedient to the prevailing winds.  Our environment is becoming extensively polluted and destroyed by our own species and despite medical advances diseases affecting mankind are rapidly increasing.  RX Weight Loss here in Sarasota realizes that our health is part of our natural ecosystem and works to provide its clients a solution that meets not only weight loss goal but helps clients achieve a healthier life.

RX Weight Loss pro-health program was designed by the creator of the world class IMG Academy Fitness program that grew into one of the top sports training facilities for junior athletes in the world.

Our clients now follow these basic principles to lose unwanted pounds and focus on trouble spots like belly fat.

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Dr. McComb is the founder of the sports medicine program at IMG Academy, a world renowned sports training facility. As Medical Director of IMG Academy he developed diet and exercise programs for many of the worlds top athletes. His passion for fitness and health led him to open Radiant Life MD, home of RX Weight Loss and Low T SRQ; which are both directed by Robert Ford, M.D.