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Sugar is used by your body for fuel before protein or fat is used as fuel.  Your body can only use so much fuel therefore excess sugar will be stored as fat.

You have to burn every gram of available sugar before your body will start to burn your fat stores.

Using sugar as a source of fuel for your body is not healthy. When your body burns sugar for fuel it produces inflammation. If you eat more than 50 grams of sugar daily you may elevate your insulin level enough to shut down fat burning. Once your insulin level is sufficiently elevated your body stops burning fat and craves sugar (the level of sugar consumption necessary to shut down fat burning is generally around 50 grams a day). Once your cells begin to crave sugar, and they don’t care where the sugar comes from because the only fuel you can burn when your insulin is elevated is sugar. When you go to sleep your body will crave sugar because it is still in the sugar burning mode, your body is going to continue looking for sugar to burn as you sleep.
Your cells will quickly burn through the starchy glycogen in your liver and muscle to get sugar, however, your body saves your stored sugar (glycogen) for anaerobic emergencies, such as we experience when the flight or fight mechanism is activated (like running from a bear in the woods). Since your body will want to protect its stored reserves of sugar for emergencies your body will break down protein in muscle and bone at night when you’re sleeping and converted to sugar to satisfy the sugar burning need.
The fact is that as long as there is sugar to be had and your insulin levels spiked by a high carbohydrate diet your cells will crave sugar and not burn your fat stores.
Here at RX Weight Loss we want to help you train your body to burn fat and you will protect your bones in muscle at night when you’re sleeping.
Your arteries will burn their own stat stores and thereby reduce the plaque that openly can clog them up.
Our ancestors actually ate lot more fat than we do today. They did not routinely eat grains or much of this food group because they weren’t often available. Our ancestors had no choice but to be fat burners. Scientific studies have indicated that our ancestors were much healthier than we presently are today. Recent studies that showed that high carbohydrate diets are inflammatory and low carbohydrate diets high in good fats are anti-inflammatory and support the findings that our ancestors bodies were healthier due to their diet.
By becoming a proficient fat burner your cells energy needs will be satisfied by your fat stores. Your
body doesn’t care whether the fat comes from the food you just ate or from the fat that is embedded in your abdomen, arteries or other places in your body. It will start burning off the excess that you have stored by feeding your cells the healthy fat they need. You will get healthier, you will slow the rate at which you age and you will look radiant.
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