Testimonials – Seeing is believing.

This is just a small sample of the many successes achieved by using our services and products.


Testimonial – *  “Rx Weight Loss Sarasota helped me lose the weight I wanted. Not only did I lose weight under their supervised care, but I also exceeded my weight Loss goal and learned how to keep it off. You will find the staff there friendly and full of encouragement throughout the entire process. For anyone looking for a safe, healthy and fast way to lose those unwanted excess pounds, I would highly recommend.” Rx Weight Loss Sarasota.

Testimonial – *  “Thank you Dr. Ford & Rx Weight Loss Sarasota! I have lost almost 60 pounds! I have tried many other ways to lose weight on my own and have given up or failed. I called or visited several other weight loss clinics and was never “inspired” to commit to their programs. Either the staff was too pushy or the program costs were not clear. When I called, the cost was clearly explained and when I came in for my consultation, I was inspired! Everyone in the office is so friendly and helpful! Thank you! You have changed my life!!”

Testimonial – *  “RX Fitness Foods delivers up some of the healthiest meals I could imagine. Every time I sit down to enjoy one of these simple and quick meals, I am delighted. Superb taste, high quality food, reasonably-priced, super convenient. It just doesn’t get better than this. This meal plan keeps me eating healthy throughout the week and fueled for my workouts! Gone is the stress of what to eat.”